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The Sportify

We love sports, it’s a fact! Sadly, we were not good enough to make it to a professional leve.

However, we did not let that stop our love for sports. We united and became professional sports club website developers.

Many years of research and development gave birth to Sportify – offering teams a professional sports club website as a fraction of the cost that major clubs pay.

All our sports club websites are supported by a wide range of web and mobile apps that been developed to improve any clubs online presence, allowing you to keep your members, fans and parents up to date from anywhere.

It is clear to every football fan that there is a severe lack of sports club websites that make the cut, we have categorised these clubs into the following criteria


Free Club Sites

These are the clubs who don’t want to pay for a website so they use a free service that leaves the image of the club looking cheap and a website covered in horrible advertising banners.


Sideline Club Sites

The clubs who have a website created by a fan who doesn’t have any knowledge about creating websites but will give it a shot for the club, most the time leaving the clubs brand damaged.


Dead Club Sites

Remember how good a certain sports club website used to be? Do you ever wonder what happened to it? Answer – The editor lost interest or didn’t have the time to keep it up to date.

Uniting one sports club at a time to the Sportify Network